A Mango and Altruistic Surrender

First of all, let me write in English again. It’s been a while since I wrote something in English and I really need to hone my skill again.

Last Friday I back to Solo and cut down my Mango tree since it’s been too tall and possess a potential danger to my house. Cutting it down is exhausting but relatively easy to done. The hardest part is to collect and dispose all the branch and leaves. Since I live in the middle of kampong, it is impossible to burn it. So we have to amass all those debris and pack it so we can just throw it at garbage collection spot. In the process we found a lot of young immature Mango fruit. We got almost 50 of fruit hidden behind a bulk of leaves. We decide to just throw it away since we think it is impolite to give it to anyone. Those juvenile Mango fruit is too young and hard and tasteless and it is not even close to almost-mature fruit.

So I and my brother went to junk yard and ready to throw all the garbage including the juvenile fruit. Just when we almost finished throw everything away, one of the pemulung is opening the trash bag that contains some of the Mango juvenile, he look it and he ate it right away. My brother is shocked, the pemulung is literary ate it like he is really hungry..and that because he is really hungry. He is so grateful and said thanks to us. We are shocked; he even asks if there is more. Well we give all remaining fruits but we said that this is still very young and we offer better almost-mature Mango. He said thank you but he already happy with what he have. He said that we should come to him every time we have some excess fruit or leftover food.

That morning, I learned a few things. First, something that we think useless and have no value might be priceless for someone. If we really want to look people around us, we might be surprised by how many “someone” that really needs a help. By that rationale, we should never hesitate when we are going to give someone any help. He or she might really need us even when he or she looks okay.

Another thing that I learned is that there is an amazing feeling after I look at that happy grateful face. I help him and he really glad for what I did. After that event in the morning, me and my brother somehow getting more optimistic about life. Maybe because we think we are luckier than some people in the world. But there is something more important than that, maybe we looks at a projection of someone will suddenly help us with something that we really need someday.

Altruistic surrender, that is something I ever heard that explain why helping someone else can make us feel better about ourselves. We fulfill our own needs or aspiration through other people. It involves tendency to project us being helped and finally achieve what we want.  Helping other people is also our mechanism to make us believe that our life is good and we are resourceful.

This is why people that don’t believe in God are still helping others, not because they want to go to heaven but they are creating their own heaven in their mind. No man is an island, except Teddy Roosevelt.


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